Friday, February 11, 2011

Braces for Boston

Boston's big day came today! He was a little unsure of what was to come. But he did give me a big grin before going in.
 He sat there so big and good. A different seen from 2 weeks ago when Jason was sitting on him in the chair because he had to have 2 teeth pulled.

 He choose blue and glow in the dark bands for his first set of bands.

 Our house is full of a few not so happy kids right now. But i did find one that was smiling. Sorry pictures are a little blurry but cute.

 The best part of the day would have to be Bridger. Funny story. He hates his retainer hates it. I make him put in every night and before he hits the pillow he has taken it out. I was dreading taking him in for his appointment today. I had even made him scared of what the dentist would say. Meantime in the last week he has lost 4 teeth. His retainer fit perfect due to losing the 4 teeth not due to not were it once in 3 months. I told him that prob lee the only time he will have that luck. Now wear you retainer.

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sandy said...

Boston looks so cute with his braces. Love the pictures of Bristol. Boston was so brave.