Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

We had a great Valentines Day!!! We had lots of sugar and a lot of LOVE. The kids all did there Valentines last night and we made cookies for there teachers and friends.
Here are the kids with there Valentines and cookies for there teachers.

Jason always trys to make the day pretty special. Friday night we went out with some friends for dinner. Then Saturday night Jason and i went and had a special Valentines Lobster dinner. It was pretty fun. Jason is pretty funny he never lets me down and gave me boxes of chocolates all weekend long. This morning i sent him down to the store to get some milk and he shows up with all this
I headed outside and found this on one of are cars.
Then this afternoon Jason gave me a really cool ring. Its kinda of hard to see in the picture it has a diamond heart on one side and a ruby heart on the other. He had the inside all engraved. It was super nice of him.
Hope everyone had a great day!!!!


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh wow! you guys had a great day looks like!! those giant cookies look awesome! and your ring looks/sounds GORGOUS!! what a good hubby he is!! :)

Anonymous said...

WoW! Looks like the kids had a lot of fun~ wow Jason really spoiled you! sounds like a great time.

sandy said...

Beautiful Ring, Jason is always so good to you! Love the cookies I wish I was a teacher.