Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little Valentines fun

Valentines is so fun. There is so much fun things to do. We have been getting ready for Valentines and doing a few fun things. I found some projects on Family Fun and decided to try a few. First off a fun hand out for My Young Women on Sunday. Here are the supplies you need.

 Stick the red hot threw the stick and then the candy at the end. I used sticks for kabobs. They worked great. I found everything for this project at the dollar store.

 Then I used a glue gun and put some glue on the tip and twirled it around in the shiny confetti
 Super fast and easy and turned out pretty cute
 I got this cute little mailbox at Walmart. It had a ton of things inside to decorate it with. Brielle spent yesterday afternoon putting her mailbox together for her upcoming preschool Valentine party.

 Here she is saying wow this is a lot of work.

 She did a great job on it by herself.
 Monday night for family home evening the kids did this heart craft. I found it off someone blog they had so much fun doing them. Bridger was so good at it.
 Here is all you need

 They turned out pretty cute. I attached them to some ribbon and hung a few up. The kids saved the rest to give to people.
 Just a little Valentines fun.


Hopie said...

Those arrows are so dang cute!!!! Thanks for the good ideas!!!!

Spencer and Mindy said...

i agree those arrows are STINKIN cute, i might steal your idea...hope thats ok?! :)
and how do you do those hearts? they look awesome, and i wanna make me the website or instructions :) pretty please? thanks!! love ya heidi, your such a FUN mom.

sandy said...

What cute ideas its so fun to do these things as a family. The kids are so good at it.

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