Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bristol is six months

Wow can she really be 6 months. That went so fast. I guess when your sleep deprived times go by fast. Bristol has grown so much. She is 18 pounds and 28 inch's long. She is in the 95 percentile for height and weight. The doctor calls her very healthy.

 For the past month she has been crawling. All at her own speed and only when she wants to. She is super laid back and always happy. She loves her feet.
 She has been a little sick this past week. I think she has the bug we all have right now. She is such a sweet little baby.
 She is sitting very well by herself now. I ordered her a new car seat yesterday. She has out grown her infant one.
She is always drooling and always wet, I always keep a bib on her and go threw a few a day. She has a busy month ahead of her. We are going to court to finalize her adoption. She will finally get to be blessed and we get to take her to the temple to seal her to us. With Brielle we sealed her to us in the St. George temple. This time we are going to do it a little different. We are going to take Bristol to the the Vegas temple to do it. Mostly because it is the temple we always go to and we thought it would be fun for the kids to experience both temples because they will get to go with us in the temple. We will keep you posted with dates and times soon to come. One more big thing she has is until she is 3 we will have visits with her birth mom every six months. So that is coming up this month. Something i did not want but was pretty much pushed into right before we signed to bring her home. It is ok, It just going to be different then with brielle.


sandy said...

She is growing so big and is so adorable. I'm so glad that she is a part of your special family. We all love her so much! Looking forward to next month.

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh she is just sooo soo cute! cant' wait to see her. logan was that same size at his 6 month appointment!! ha haa..
*awesome about the sealing in the vegas temple, i haven't been in that one since it first opened.. yay! i hope we still live here and can come!!!!

Hopie said...

6 months? I can't believe it!!!!

Susan said...

She's so pretty. I love those sweet little curls.

Best of luck with finalization!