Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Bridger and Boston and Brielle all entered things in the fair this year. Boston and Brielle entered there birds. They were pretty excited, they were the only birds in the fair. When we dropped them off the people told them they will get a big ribbon. So Thursday morning first stop we went and checked the birds. There was no ribbon but there was this white one laying by it so we thought it was ours. So the kids were happy posed for a picture with it. Latter that afternoon we went and checked on the birds to make sure they were ok. The ribbon was gone and tapped to another animal. I thought it was weird. So the next day still no ribbons on them, but everything else had a ribbon. I kindly asked the lady, did the birds not get judged. She said they did not no what to do with them. I said well all the animals all get a a green ribbon don't they. She said yes. So by day 3 they finally gave them a green ribbon. So yesterday when Jason and I went to pick them up I asked the guy in charge about it. He said the judges left and never judged them for some reason. They should of had a huge ribbon and he apologized. I told him it was ok but just sad for my 8 and 3 year old that had to ask for even a participation ribbon. They did not understand. Jason pretty much had to drag me away from the guy. Yes maybe I freaked out a little. But I felt bad for my kids.

 Other then that the kids did great at the fair

 Bridger brought home a lot of ribbons, He was at school when i took his stuff up to the fair to enter it in. I thought he had told me to enter all the drawing he had in the pile. So I did. I thought they were good. He got up to the fair and said mom you enter these I'm not even done with those ones. So he was upset with me and then he was even more upset when he got a white and red ribbon instead of blue. He said mom if they would of been done my ribbons would of been blue. I told him it is ok not to get a blue ribbon every time.

 Bridger won 2nd best of class on this. He made it out of clay and the painted it.
 Boston was pretty proud and brought home quite a lot of ribbons.
 He made this Volcano out of clay and painted it.
 he also made this pouch out of leather
 Brielle as you can tell is pretty proud of herself and her ribbons
 She made this little nest and eggs out of clay and painted them. She did this all by herself. I thought pretty good for a 3 year old.
 I decided at the last minute to enter some bows just for fun. I got all blue ribbons. Pretty good for fun.
More to come, told you I took a lot of pictures.........................................................

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The Stratton Family said...

Thats so fun they got all those ribbons! It was fun hinging out with you guys this weekend! Hopefully we get to see you again soon!