Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The kids favorite thing at the fair is the rides. Thursday I always buy them all day passes. Mostly because that is the day its not busy. So they have a ton of time on the rides.

Here is Bridger with his two friends Josh and McKay

 The Yo Yo was his favorite ride this year
 Boston loved the roller coaster. He went on it about 20 times in a roll. There was no line so he was taking full advantage.

 Brielle was pretty excited
 Jason had fun at the games and rang the bell every time

 He won Brielle the beast
 Brielle loved her camel ride. None of the boys wanted to go with her. So I went to go with her and this is what happened
 They told me this little boy could go with her. I was happy because I really did not want to go. And brielle well check out her face she was so excited to be able to ride with this little boy.
 She talked to him the hole time. I don't think he said a word to her. But she was sure she found a new best friend.

 Brielle had so much fun on the camels she begged to go on the horses. It was a 9 minute ride that went in circles. Every time she came around by us she would give a smile and a wave.
She loved it. Well I still have 1 maybe 2 more posts to do on the fair. More to come..........................


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh my word! Brielle Cracks me up! Around and around and around...
Loving all the fair stuff, makes me wish that we would of come down!!

Grant said...

looks like soo much fun! love Brielle's faces!

aunt holly

The Stratton Family said...

brielle is too funny!

sandy said...

These are to cute of Brielle. She is quite the little girl. She makes you smile.