Friday, April 15, 2011

More Fair

Well this will be the last photos of the fair. I know i posted a ton. But I use our family blog as a scrapbook and I wanted to include all these pictures. So bare with me.

 Here is one of the few picture's i got of Bristol. It was just so cold and i tried to keep her all bundled up warm.
 Brielle loved this spider. She asked the man if she could take it home.
 Bristol was eyeing my Diet coke.
 Brielle loved these bubble things. She did them a few times.

 Boston loves jumping and can go really high.
 Boston is just cute
 This is the night we went to the rodeo. It was so cold. My mom ended up not going and taking Bridger, Boston and Bristol home to watch them. Jason and I and Baxter and Brielle braved the cold.
 Grandma was sure fun to have at the fair with us.
 I did not get many pictures of Bridger either. He was off with his friends the hole time.
 Bristol loves Baxter. If he walks into the room and talks she looks everywhere for him. This day at the fair we just got inside this tent and it Begin to pour hard. So we were stuck in there for awhile. Baxter took Bristol and played with her. I think these pictures are just Sweet of Baxter showing what a good brother he is.

Well until next year hopefully it will be warmer.


Grant said...

wow-it looks like you all had a great time! i can't believe how big the kids are getting. you have got some great kids! probably because they have great parents! love you guys-holly

Spencer and Mindy said...

those pics of bax and bristol... so cute! what a great big brother he is!
and what a fun fair! what are those 'bubble things' that brielle was in, they look SWEET!!!
loved all your fair pics! makes me excited for when my kids are older and can do fun progects to get ribbons and just have a good time! :)