Monday, April 11, 2011

Dancing and Climbing

We had a great time at the fair. It was sure a way different year at the fair. It usually is hot and sunny and super nice out. This year the first day it was so windy, more windy then normal. so windy that our neighbors porch blew off. Our swing set it is a heavy wood one. It folded in half and broke among many other things. The next day was windy and super super cold. And Sat I really thought was going to be pretty nice it was cold,  it rained then it hailed then it snowed what it snowed in Logandale and it is April. It also snowed at Jason station in Las Vegas . Crazy weather may have made the fair not so fun. We went to the rodeo Friday night and only made it an hour because it was so cold and we were even dressed for it. The kids won a ton of ribbons along with me. I took over 300 pictures of different things we did. So i decided i would break down the post into just a few things we did at a time or it would be a major picture overload. I thought i would start out with Brielle and her preforming. She did a great job she was all smiles. She got on stage and had a great time. Here is the video of her dancing. I messed up on it. I forgot to charge the video recorder and so i had to use my camera, I turned it wrong and so the video is side ways for alittle bit. Bare with it I figure it out half way threw and turn it around and get a much better picture. Also if you are on a lap top you can just turn it.

Brielle and her little friend

The boys had a great time climbing the wall Sat. They all wanted to try the hardest side because if you get to the top you get a hundred dollars. Bridger made it the farthest up. But none of them made it to the top.

 Boston did make it to the top of another one and rang the bell.

Stay Tuned more to come....................................................................................................................


Spencer and Mindy said...

OH MY WORD! brielle's dance was adorable!!! she did a GREAT job!
sounds like the fair wasn't as much fun this year as it usually is...darn weather! but can't wait to see/hear about all the ribbon winning!!! yay!

Unknown said...

Congrats on all the ribbons!! That's wonderful and Brielle is so stinking cute!! How fun!

Hoping Chris will transfer to Wyoming so we are closer to you all...fingers crossed but we are still waiting. Not sure it will happen :(