Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dreaming of fall and a few pictures

Anyone else ready for Fall. I am, It has been so hot this last week here. This morning when I saw the kids off to the bus at 6:20 it was finally a cool morning. It was so nice even no it didn't last long. We have been getting ready the last few days for fall not decorating just having fun.

 Brielle a few years back as a witch for Halloween
 We got the movie The Worst Witch of Netflix the other day and made Carmel popcorn and watched it. I remember it from when I was a kid. It was one of my favorite movies. We watched it and brielle was way into it. The boys well they made fun of it the whole time. It is not as good as the movie I thought I loved as a kid.
 We tried on our little which outfit on Bristol, She did not like it.
 This picture is a bit blurry but I thought it was cute.
 Here are a few picture's of the house I promised. I'm not the best picture taker when it comes to pictures of room so bare with me.

Here is Brielle's room. She wanted pink walls and that is what she got. Very pink walls.

 Baxter's room.

 and a few things I have been spray painting. I have struggled with decorating this time. I wanted something new in colors. But I still liked all my stuff I had. So I broke out the spray paint. I have been making curtains, Painting tables and getting more daring with some colors. For the kitchen Turquoise and yellow. I'm almost done and all share it all. But here are a few picture's from what I've been doing.
 I still need to put pictures in the frames and candles. I just can't decide which ones.
 more to come soon if i can make my mind up that is.


sandy said...

Very cute house! Love it! And two cute witches. I am ready for fall and the coolness and decorations.

Spencer and Mindy said...

love love the colors of the Kitchen! that will look so clean and Fresh! I love it!! and love those cute lil' witches... i wanna just squeeze those cheeks of bristols!! ha. And YES I'm So Ready for FALL.. i can't wait to have the leaves change and cold weather.

Unknown said...

Love the yellow & turquoise! While you all look forward to fall...I can't wait for Summer here in Australia - it's been a long cold winter...I'm ready for some heat!! Hehe!!

Zitting Zoo said...

love the pics! i too am so ready for fall- i keep wondering if its too soon to decorate....maybe when the kids are in school next week. :)

Unknown said...

Cute house! Way to go on the Elk hunt! So glad everything is going so well.