Monday, September 19, 2011

A little of everything

Our Garden is growing. We have sweet potato's, corn and squash growing right now. We have a whole other side of garden in reserve for 6 rolls of peas.

Our Geese, Ducks,and Chickens are growing
 Our rooster is a crowing
Our chickens are finally laying eggs
 Our front porch is ready for fall
 Same with our mantel
 Our baby is finally full after a cup of pasta, a bowl of cereal and a cheese tortia. She is so hard to get full.
 Can you believe she is 11 months.
 I can not. She is getting close to walking and starting to take a few steps. She loves to shake her head no. She loves to smile. She loves to yell down the stairs calling her brothers and sister all in her own language.
 I have started giving Brielle piano lessons. She has got a few songs down. She also started this past week Cheer, Gymnastics, and a new Ballet class. She keeps pretty busy but it is very good for her.

 See the Scarecrow on top of the piano watch in the next picture when Bristol see it

 Her new best friend
 Bridger just started playing the Clarinet.  And our house was super quiet tonight between a saxophone a clarinet a recorder and the piano. Bridger and Boston just started Soccer this week. Life is very busy right now.

 Baxter being a good big brother and walking with Bristol. Baxter had a football game Saturday night that he played in right after his hunt. He hurt his knee real bad and we think it is broken. We are taking him to a specialist tomorrow to see exactly what is going on with it. I hope it is ok but it is not looking to good.
 Brielle trying to be the mom and Bristol not liking it.
Just another week at our house


The Stratton Family said...

We still need to come see your house! I can't believe how busy all the kids are! You've got your hands full!

Spencer and Mindy said...

Love that you saved space in the garden for 6 rows of peas!!! yumm! and love all the pics of the new house & kids! can't believe bristol is almost ONE!!! crazy! I can't believe how busy you guys are either! **keep us posted on Bax's Knee.. not fun. poor kid! :( we love and miss you guys!

sandy said...

You guys are a busy Family. So glad your kids are taking music lessons. Bristal is getting so big and grown so fast. She is such a cutie. Love the decorations.