Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Busy

Wow what a week. Can you say homework,football,soccer,scouts,Young Women's,Ballet,gymnastics,cheer leading,Preschool lots of practices lots of games and just keeping up with the house life has been way to busy.

I can not believe Brielle is getting so big. She is my little side kick, She is loving that her brothers are back in school and Bristol's nap time. Then she gets lots of attention and fun things to do. She is turning into such a little girl and fast approaching not being a preschooler anymore.

 She is loving her new ballet class.
 and then there is Bristol always silly and always smiling and never ever full.
 and always sweet
 and has a mouth full of teeth
 Brielle is loving gymnastics, and especially her cheer leading group. I picked her up yesterday and her Cheer leading couch said wow she has got it down she is doing so good.

 Football continues, Baxter played in St. George this past weekend at Pine View. Baxter's team won by one point. It was a great game.

 Saturday Bridger and Boston also both had Soccer games. They both did a great job. I forgot my camera. I was so mad. Oh well this week I will get some pictures. So Saturday we sat threw 3 soccer games then headed to St. George for Bax's game. It was a long day. But fun.
Here is to another very busy week. Let just hope I don't forget a kid somewhere because it has been my biggest worry this past week with all the running around.

Also Just a quick thing Boston said the other day I thought was super cute.

It was the first day of fall. He woke up and said Mom it is the first day of fall today. He was so excited. I got him ready for school and he said you might what to get my coat it is fall now. It is going to be cold today. I had to have the talk with him that we live in the desert we don't really need coats until DEC. That a lot of the country is ready for them now but not us. It was just pretty funny.

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Spencer and Mindy said...

haa. love boston! that's way cute. and yeah i don't think you guys will want coats ever down there. haa haa.. i'd have the same worry as you..leaving a kid somewhere.. ha haa!! busy busy! good luck with everything! we love you guys!