Sunday, October 30, 2011

While the big boy's are away

They are going to play

Jason, Baxter and Bridger loaded up our 5th wheel this week and headed hunting. Well they got there deer faster then they thought they would. So they decided before heading home they would go exploring.

I started looking at the picture's and about had a stroke.

It amazing what they do when mom is not around.
They found a bunch of old mines and explored.

 Boys don't mind the signs

 Don't worry mom is not around.

 I'm glad that Baxter can be there for moral support

 They had a ton of fun going in the old mines and they went back as far as they dared.

 They even found some pretty cool tree's
 Don't worry boy's mom learned her lesson, she will be tagging along next time. You boys and dad can not be trusted alone.
 and just a quick Happy Halloween Tomorrow. I stole this picture off my sister blog. I thought it was pretty funny. I'm the one on the far right. Bridger said Mom how is aunt Tiffany dressed like a Smurf they were not even invented then. I had to educate him Smurf's have been around a long time.


Spencer and Mindy said...

CLASSIC pic.. oh i love it! you 3 girls are so cute! funny about the smurfs comment.. haa haa..

love that you'll be going along next time to keep them out of trouble :)

Anonymous said...

we had a bunch of fun love you guys Jason

sandy said...

Yes I think I would be for going next time scary! I found the pictures of you 3 girls in some old pictures it is one of my favorites.
Happy Halloween to all.
Great pictures Jason.

Anonymous said...

Your boys remind me so much of the Baker boys I knew growing up! I love checking in on your family and seeing all the fun. -- Cheri