Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 day until Christmas

5 days until Christmas,
and all threw our house you could hear,
one 4 year old a pucking,
all the presents needed to be wrapped,
one toddler drinking the bowl of puck,
one toddler bathed and down for the night,
one mom wondering what just happened,
3 boys sneaking down to the basement,
one dad at work,
Getting ready for his 8 days off,
one mom tired of cleaning up,
Everyone sick to there stomachs from to much Christmas sweets,
loving are lazy Christmas Break,
Just hoping we can take a break.
And a few less Christmas trees a standing. ( Thank You Bristol ).


Anonymous said...

let me know when it is safe to come home LOVE YA the DAD

sandy said...

Wow! Your house doesn't sound to much fun!!! Hope it starts to be more jolly around there:)

Spencer and Mindy said...

haa haa jason! i hope you all can start enjoying your break as well!!