Friday, December 2, 2011

It Friday

Well it is Friday, It is my favorite day of the week. Mostly because the weekend is starting.

I just wanted to tell a little story about Brielle. She is the funnest little kid and way to smart for her own good. She will run out to the car as fast as she can and jump in the front seat and lock the door. When her brothers come out to get in the front seat she will just stick her tough out at them and say you should of been faster.
She has a quick wit and always is cracking me up. Last night she went outside to see if the wind had stopped blowing. She came in and said it has quick blowing. Bridger went out to check and he came in and said Brielle you are wrong it is blowing still. Brielle being Brielle got mad She ran over knocked Bridger down and said I am right you are wrong. I got her away from him and told Brielle calm down it is your turn to pray tonight. So Brielle started saying her sweet little prayer like she always says. Then at the end she says. And please Heavenly Father Put Bridger on the naughty list.
Oh the love of a four year old.
Oh and another thing she prays for every night is please help my dad grow hair because he is bald.
 Every year I buy these little Event calenders for my kids. They love them they have chocolate in them and they can open up a door each day in Dec. I bought them this year at Lin's but I know Harmon's always have them. They are like a dollar. Our kids have been looking forward to them for weeks and they finally got to open the first one yesterday.
Well I have a big weekend a head. Jason and Bridger are leaving today for a 11 year old scout camp and Baxter is leaving on a camp out to go get Christmas trees for people in our ward. So it will be just me and the 3 little ones. I'm going to make my little girls some night gowns for Christmas and sew a few skirts for my sisters girls. It should be a eventful weekend. I have had a lot on my mind these past few weeks. I have some big changes coming very soon. They scare me. They are good changes real good. They just scare me. They had my mind very occupied. I can share these changes very soon. Well today is the last day you can enter the Bow contest if you haven't. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Spencer and Mindy said...

oh brielle, she is such a silly girl...haa haa.. bless jason that he can grow hair!!! haa haa haa... i'll be laughing about that for a LOOOOOOONG time! :) did the wind do much damage!? i hope not..glad you all are ok! {excitedly awaiting to hear about this new change in your life!} :) love you guys! and can't wait to see you...your still planning on coming up sometime this month right?!