Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello Has anybody seen Heidi?

She was here a few days ago then she got this new job at church.
Were sure she is ok and doing great. Things are just a little more chaotic at the Baker House.
Wish us luck..Heidi too.   When we find her we will have her post.... 'cause life happens fast dont blink!    


Spencer and Mindy said...

haa haa.. too funny. good luck to all of you guys!! :)

sandy said...

I'm sure she is going to feel like she is chasing her tail( if she had one) around and around never getting quite to the end. I'm sure proud of her and know she'll do a terrific job. i'm planning if I want to see her I will have to come that way rather then think she might make it my way. Good luck to the whole family. Jason you and the kids are such great help.