Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas

We had a great Christmas. Jason was off for 8 days during our Christmas break so it was nice to have so much time together. Last year we spent Christmas at the Fire station so it was nice to be home this time. Our Christmas begin on the 23rd. We spent the morning getting the house all clean and ready.
 Bridger cleaned the fireplace out. And Jason and I prepared a scavenger hunt for the kids. They had about 8 different clues and ran around the neighborhood looking for there prize.

 They had a lot of fun.
 They hit the jackpot in the back of our truck and it was a new trampoline. Our other one was shot and to replace what needed to be replaced it was more then buying a new one. So we found a new one. It was fun to do it a few days before Christmas.
 Bristol just loves it.
 and the boys and there friends have not been off of it.
Christmas eve we made a nice dinner, watched a few Christmas movies, Read the story of Jesus in the Bible and Book of Mormon and the kids opened there new pjs a Christmas tradition.
I made the girls nightgowns this year.
Christmas morning the kids woke at 6 am. They snuck down the stairs.
 We had church in a few hours and only let them open one gift.
It killed them.
 We made a good pancake and bacon breakfast, and headed to church.
After Church it was time to open presents. It was so nice to go to church on Christmas.
Bristol was so cute and excited but only made it threw a few presents and needed a nap. So her presents got saved for later.
This picture is a little blurry but it shows the excitement in them all.
and the best picture of all is when Brielle open her DS she has been asking for 2years. She was so shocked.

It was a great Christmas, Baxter got a egg incubator and is now incubating some chicken eggs. Bridger got a power drill and a tool box, Boston got his own cell phone and has not gotten off of it. If you text him, beware he will text you back 100 times. Brielle go a easy bake oven she has been baking things up. Bristol got a wagon and has been loving it. Now time to clean all the Christmas mess up. It always feels so good to take it all down. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.


The Stratton Family said...

Cute pictures!! I love the one of Brielle! Someday we will come jump on your tramp! Hopefully soon!! I loved the girls pjs! Adorable! :)

Spencer and Mindy said...

love the night gowns! good job! brielle's face is priceless!! :) way fun idea doing the scavenger hunt for the trampoline! you have the cutest ideas! :) glad you had a great christmas! miss all of you! hope you can come visit soon!