Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hi Guy's

it is me Bristol. I decided I would take my mom's blog over again. Anything I can do to help out and maybe get off the naughty list, I will do. You see things have been pretty crazy around here lately. You know it is Christmas time and my mom well you see she has been really busy. Something I've heard a lot is she is being Baptised by fire. I guess 5 days in to her new calling she had a lady pass away in our ward and now she is trying to do her first funeral among other things. My dad has been really helping out a lot. He has been cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry, and taking all the RS table clothes to work and washing them for my mom. He has been great.

Well back to me because this post is all about me.
You see some how, I have found myself on the naughty list.
I don't know how, I'm so sweet and cute and who could resit my smile.
Apparently, I might have not been as good as last year. See last year all I did was sleep and eat. I loved laying under the Christmas tree. And this year well my mom has put up 6 different trees and lots of other Christmas decor. I've been very curious about how pretty and shiny they are. I decided I would pull all 6 of them over, I only wanted to take them with me I meant them no harm. When my mom tipped them back up I decided that they just looked to pretty and I undecorated all the bottoms of all the tree's and I was still board so why not take the lights too. I've heard my mom say that I'm a angel. I think all the tree's look so much better now that there are no ornaments at the bottom and only half the lights on them now. But my mom well she is not so sure. Maybe I should of taken more naps under the tree instead of trying to take them with me. And did I mention I now have 12 teeth, Yes I love to bite and maybe that's why I'm getting in trouble.
You see also my big sister Brielle well she looks like a angel, but she has been checking every day on the computer if we are on the naughty or nice list. She has been coming up a lot on the naughty list too. She has really been helping my mom. She helped her mail out all the Christmas cards and make and deliver all the Christmas plates to Friends and Neighbors. She is finally off the naughty list. I'm going to keep trying to get off of it even if i pull the tree's over a few more times. I'm sure my smile will win in the end.

Well this week is almost over and my brother's are going to be out of school for a long time. We have a lot going on this week, a few band concerts, a few Christmas party's, a few dance performances and many other things. Stay tuned for more Christmas fun.

P.S. I meet Santa the other night, I might of not left the best impression on him. I was a little scared of him and I screamed pretty loud.


Spencer and Mindy said...

there is No way cute Bristol could ever be on the Naughty list! she's an angel just like her sister Brielle! :)

sandy said...

Bristol your on Grandma's good list. We love you. you need to come and check out my tree. It has some soft teddie bears you could play with.