Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baker Reunion 2010

 About a week ago we got back from the Baker Family Reunion. I'm a little slow at getting picture's on here.  We started the week in Beaver for Jason's cousin's Kelly wedding. It turned out real nice.
                                              Then we headed up Beaver mountain for the week
                                                                  We had a great time
                            We tried some fishing and all we saw was a Beaver and a dead truck
                          Brielle and Holden, They played so good and had so much fun together.

                                                                    A little fun with fire

                                                                A shooting lesson from Bridger

                                                               Time to to get some Fire Wood

                                                               Off for a hike to mud lake

                             Jason and his brother Adam having some fun chopping some wood.

                                                            Some more fishing with no luck.
                                                                     A little luck in hunting
                                                                      Some bead fun.
                                                                     Some pinata fun


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Looks like you had a wonderful time! Lots of great pictures!