Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day Of School

School started yesterday, The Boys had a great first day.
Baxter started 7th grade, I'm still in shock that my kid could be this old.
It's funny because I still feel his age.
You notice something in this picture. Who is taller?
Bridger started 5th grade, Crazy next year he will be in middle school.
Boston started 3rd grade

Are famous stand by Dad and Mom pictures before heading out the door to school.
Brielle had her back pack and lunch and pretty sure she was starting School today too. One pretty sad little girl that does not understand Preschool does not start for 2 more weeks.

A few Morning Muster Shots, Bridger says to me are you serious Mom put that Camera down I'm not 3.
Brielle was pretty sad when we left the school and she did not get to stay. She wants Homework so bad. We tried to cheer her up with a pink lemonade and string cheese. But no nothing worked. Jason asked her what can we do to make you happy. She said i want to go shopping. A girl after her Mom's heart. So off we went to mesquite for a good breakfast and a small shopping trip that included Walmart and the Dollar Store. But it satisfied her.

We come home put her down for a nap and then Jason and I did something that has not happened in 3 months a nice long uninterrupted nap. Yes it was so nice. I woke up decided I should do something before the boys came home so they would not really think we were having a party because they went to school. So I cleaned the house made some cookies and waited for them to home. They come home and said wow Mom the house is so clean it has not looked like this all Summer. I wonder why.

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sandy said...

They kids are getting so big, special times. Yes the house stays clean for a minute when the kido's are gone. see you saturday!