Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eight Is Great

Happy 8th Birthday Boston!!!!!! Well first thing in the morning you will be Eight. We hope you have a great Birthday. A few more weeks and you will get to get Baptised.

Boston is the sweetest little guy. He is so shy and quite. He is always so soft spoken. He is just about to start 3rd grade and is very excited.

I had him at the temple this day taking his picture's for his Baptism announcement and someone came out of the temple and grabbed him and told me I needed to come in and take his picture. So we got to go into a certain part and take a few picture;s as all the old ladies ewe and odd all over him. It sure made him way full of smiles to get all the attention from them.
He is such a great example to all

We love you little buddy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Spencer and Mindy said...

8 is GREAT! happy birthday boston! I'm glad we get to come down and be a part of your big baptism day in a few weeks!

sandy said...

Happy Birthday Boston!! We love you so much. You are such a sweet special Grandson and were so happy your our Grandson. We will see you on you baptism. We love you!

Cluff Family said...

Happy Birthday cute Boston! You are a handsome little guy! I love all of the pictures! I might have to talk you into taking some of my girls and our family! Hope you had a very happy birthday!