Sunday, August 29, 2010

Midnight Madness in Mesquite

Well it has begun, 2010 Football Season. Last night they had there first 5 Games in Mesquite in a tournament called Midnight Madness. There team did great they won 5 out of 5 games. We got home yes at midnight. But it was a lot of fun.

Baxter did a great job. He showed off by laying a few flat on the ground and just sat there on top of them. Notice his helmet has a big x on it. Yea that means he is one of the big ones. The rules say anyone over 135 pounds can not carry the ball. So at 136 he got Xed. He is fine with it. If the ball gets thrown to him he can still play it but that is about it. He does great on his position of left Guard. He gets to play offence and Defence. So he loves it.
Brielle giving Baxter some advice during the game. Great job Baxter, Get out there and knock some more guys down.

Cute picture of Baxter and Brielle except she thought it was cool to stick your finger up your nose for the picture.
Brielle has her friends she hangs out with at the games, She just love these girls.

Well we were pretty proud of our little team last night. They did great. This year we switched leagues so all games will be played in Logandale or St. George. It will pretty nice. They will have a lot more competition then last year. So that is good. They had the perfect amount of 7th graders sign up and only about 8 8th graders. So the 8th graders did not have enough for a team. So they ended up dividing are team and letting the 8th graders play on ours. It has been a big big battle with the parents. Nobody wanted them to split the team. It was pretty sad for the team. So it was great to see our team do so well last night with just half the team from last year.

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sandy said...

Way to go Baxter! We are proud of you! let us know when you have a game in and we will come and watch. looks like you had good support with your family that is cool!