Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Big Day

Brielle had a big day today. It funny boys just do not care about things girls do. Brielle wanted to look just perfect for today. First she wanted to wear her which costume, But mom said no.

Then she wondered about her Dorthy shoes,
Then she put on her Christmas pjs and pretended she was the princess and the pea.
Finnaly Mom agreed on the outfit

She was headed to meet her new preschool teacher and see her new class room. Where today was only registration she was sure she needed her backpack and a lunch and was very disappointed when she left with no homework. I told her yesterday that she could not go to school in diapers. I've been trying pull ups and she was enjoying the stars disappearing to much. So I stuck some underwear on her she was dry threw the night, threw her nap and all day except one little accident. Not bad for the first time in underwear.
She demanded a picture with mom because that is what her brothers always do on there first day of school.
Right as we were leaving out the door, Bridger said are you joking Mom your letting her wear that. Oh the drama started. Sometimes you just can't win.
Here is brielle with her new teacher Mrs. Parker. We just love her. Bridger and Boston both went to her for tutoring and she helped them so much. She teaches the kids to read before they even go to kindergarten.

And football has begun. I gave in and let Baxter talk me into MC Donald's before his first practice. I guess I was thinking more or less that he would need the extra calories for his first practice.
I dropped him off at practice. He was like Mom are you joking your taking my picture in front of all my friends.
Last but pretty funny. We have a ton of pop left from camping. Baxter can't have any because of football. So Bridger and Boston made sure they rubbed it in quite nicely.


sandy said...

Love Brielle's outfits. She is so cute. Boy Baxter is sure growing up to fast. I bet Bridger and Boston did rub it in! So fun Brielle can go to school.

Spencer and Mindy said...

way to go Brielle!! she really is so stinkin cute!!
I bet baxter is way excited for football, i know i am!! (let us know if he has any games close this year, we'd love to come and cheer him on!)
and i love that bridger and boston are enjoying all the soda and rubbing it in baxters face.. haa haa! brothers!! :)