Sunday, August 22, 2010

Guess who is

The newest Cub Scout. Is he not the cutest. All grown up and ready to take on the world of scouting following in his brothers and Dad's footprints.

We had pack meeting the other night were they welcomed Boston in and Bridger got a bunch of awards.
Yes that turtle is real and only 8 years old. Brielle loved it. Brielle new we were going swimming so she demanded that she take Shamo. I asked her why and she said he is so hungry he has not ate ever since we were at Sea World I'm sure there will be some fish there he can eat.

Boston was trying so hard to fit in, he was ready to help with the flag. Even know it was the webloos turn not his.

Brielle with one of her Favorite young women in our ward and her little friend Monroe


Joann said...

He is one handsome cub scout! Crazy how fast time flies. They grow up way to fast. :)

sandy said...

Way to go Boston we are so happy and proud of you! You will make a good cubscout! Way to go Boston with the awards. I had a turtle like that when I was a kid FUN!

Anonymous said...

I got some good lookin boys .. Good thing they get their looks from their Mom!!