Monday, October 25, 2010

We are home

Brielle would like to introduce her new little sister
Bristol Lilly Angleletta Baker
We got to bring her home on Saturday.
We come home to a house full of family, that we loved
And many cute thing in the windows

 Brielle is still adjusting to someone moving in on her territory. The boys are so in love. Bridger you can not get her away from. It is pretty cute.

                                                                Grandma got to hold her
                                  She met her Cousin Blake, Crazy the difference 6 weeks make

 We are sure loving are new addition to are family. Last week was a long and hard week. We are so glad to have her home with us. Thank You all so much for all the nice Comments and Texts they were so nice to have. We feel so blessed and so loved people are so good to us. Thank You everyone for making this so good for us all.


The Stratton Family said...

heidi she is SOOOO adorable! i cant wait till we can some see her again! love you all!

Spencer and Mindy said...

awww she's so cute, i can't wait to hold her!! she's just soo adorable!!! welcome to the family bristol!! (love her full name, it's beautiful!)

Tricia said...

Congratulations on your beautiful addition to a already beautiful family!! She is adorable! We are very happy for all of you!

Nancy Hicks said...

That is so exciting, congratulations!! You have such a cute family. She is so adorable.