Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rain and Apples

Monday we got a lot of rain. It really never rains here so when it does we go out and play. The kids were all at school still. They had issued flash flood warnings. So we decide we should go for a drive. We headed up by the High School and sure enough everything was flooding.

 This is the same street we live on just up a little. The water had turn the road into a river.

 It was crazy to see.
 Here is a girl that just moved out of are ward. Brielle favorite person in the whole wide world. Brielle sits with her every Sunday at church. Well she went threw a puddle and picked up a large boulder under her car. Jason with some help lifted up her car and they got the boulder out. Poor girl was so upset. Did I mention everything begin to flood right as High school let out. These are the roads that most of the kids take home.
 It was such a nice day. The smell of Fall. The feel of Fall. We decided to make the boys some Yummy Fall food. We got some Apples.
 Then some Carmel
 I got my best helper
 and we begin
 All done and yum. The boys loved them.


sandy said...

What a lot of water, I';; take and apple please!

Hopie said...

Yummy apples!!!!

Spencer and Mindy said...

wow that rain/flood was outta control! i hope you guys didn't wash away too!
isn't this cooler weather GREAT!! we love it too!!