Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Early Christmas Present

Our family has some great news. We are going to have a new baby.

We have started the Adoption progress again. It will be a few more weeks before we are all approved and sitting on the waiting list. But it is all coming together. I decided I would keep track on my blog the whole process. So one day we can look back and remember. To be honest with you we have put this off for awhile. It is hard place to be. It hard to understand until you can no longer have kids of your own. And waiting for the call is the worst. It has kept me from doing this sooner. But we are going to put are trust in the lord and pray that when is the right time Our baby will come. And we know that when we are holding that little baby for the first time it will be all worth all the longing and tears shed for that child while waiting. You may ask what are we asking for this time. Well with Brielle we only asked for a girl and this time we are sure hoping for a girl but trusting in Heavenly Father that he will send us a happy healthy Child we do not care Boy or Girl.

Until that day comes here are a few things to look back at and remember while we wait, We have been given many miracles in our lives
Baxter holding his little sister for the first time

The cute signs in the windows when you bring your baby home

That cute little smile on your Daughters first Halloween

Going to Court to finalize your adoption On Baxter's Birthday

               And the best thing of all making your Family Eternal by sealing your precious little girl to you.

And why do we call it a early Christmas Present, Well adoption is not cheap. The money due upfront is quite a lot and So Jason and I decided this would be are Christmas Present to each other.


Joann said...

Congratulations! That is great news

Jon & Bridget said...

Let's hope it works out like last time and we get babies at the same time! :) The waiting game is definitely not the most fun part... hence my struggling, but the Lord knows when and we just have to have faith!

Spencer and Mindy said...

what GREAT news!!!! Can't wait to meet the new addition!!

Anonymous said...

We're excited!!
It's always fun getting new grandbabies.
Love - Grumpa & Grandma B

Jackie said...

Congrats! Your family is so cute! You are such a great mom. You and Jason deserve more children! I hope you will get a call soon!

sandy said...

What a wonderful present you will be giving your new child. The very best! So excited for your family. We will be so happy to be new Grandparents.