Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Victory for the Pirate's

    Baxter's team played here in Logandale this past Saturday. They played Pine View. They won 14 to 7. They beat the undefeated team. And the Panthers were not to happy about it. Great Job boys. All I can say is I'm sure glad we don't have the Pine View coach. Here are a few picture's. They are all out of order but I'm to lazy to fix them. I also circled a few where Baxter is.

                         Baxter for some reason takes in on him a lot to take down two guys at once.
                                                                       Our cheering section
                       Here he is on the bottom. He took the ball away from the other team right at the end and then they called it. I think it is called a interception I'm still learning.

            They were so excited when they won there coach was saying calm down Boys let me talk to you.
                                                                 They played a great game.

                  They had half time entertainment from the Middle School dance team. They did a great job.

                                                           Brielle in love with her nachos


sandy said...

Way to play Baxter were proud of you!

Spencer and Mindy said...

BAXTER YOU ROCK!! Love that every play he's on the bottam of the pile! awesome!! we are hoping that we can come the next game here in st.g! :) it was fun seeing you guys this weekend!! sorry we didn't hang around more, but i know you totally understand.. lol
**email me that website where you get brielle's super cute skirts! i found a lil tutu like skirt for sophee a while back, and it now fits her and she's been wearing EVERY DAY!! ha i need to get her somemore! so whenever you have a minute, shoot it over to me! thanks!!!