Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We have had a fun week of Halloween. Brielle had a ball she got to dress up 3 times and have a few parties. Brielle preschool class had a Halloween Party and then went trick or treating. The parents got to hide in the teachers house and answer 4 different doors to hand them out candy. Baxter was the lucky hand er otter at this door.

 It has been a pretty busy week and I only got pictures of some of it. Bridger and Boston had there parties at school and also there Parade. I'm the room mom in Boston's class so I was in charge of his party. Friday night we took off to mesquite were Baxter played his last game of the season they won and it put them into the play offs. So the next two weeks they will be playing a bunch off games.
 Boston and Brielle had a ton of fun rolling down the hill and then brielle would step right on Boston they did this for a hour.

Right in the middle of the game Baxter got stung by a bee. Here is the coach and Jason trying to get the stinger out.
 It was a great game but it ended early. The other team was doing a bunch of what are coach was calling cheap shots. It made are coach mad and he said something because the refs were not calling it. So the coach of the other team yelled at are coach because he thought he was running up the score, it was a massive yelling match and the game was called early by the refs. Are team was not running up the score but did get a lot of fast breaks.
 Here is the team coming off the field wondering what had just happened with the coach's.

 Saturday we had a fun day of everything. It started with mixing the candy for the bucket to hand out. This is the only year I didint  buy it early and have to buy it like 10 more times.

 Then time for Pumpkin carving. Funny story earlier in the week I ran Baxter to practice and left Bridger to watch Brielle. Well he was not doing a good job. I come home Brielle was at the table had cut a pumpkin in half with a butter knife. She had a bowl and a spoon and was cleaning out and carving her pumpkin. Bridger got in some trouble and Brielle well how do you get mad at something like that.
 Don't you just love Brielle face. She is having I'm not the only Princess in the house syndrome. It is showing.
 The boys had a blast, for some reason this year we had about 15 extra pumpkins from different field trips and so. So Bridger decide he needed to carve them all. He went to work and there is a picture at the end.
 Then there is cute Little Bristol. It was hard to get a good picture. She has been such a good baby. She never cries and is always so happy. She does have her sleeping schedule mixed up. She thinks she needs to be awake and play all night long. It is killing my night and Jason's. Jason has been so good and is taking half of the night's feeding so we both can have a little rest.
 This was the only outfit or costume I could find for the little preemie. I still had to wash it and try to shrink it so it would fit her. She is so tiny. Pictures make her look huge.
 Then here are the other kids. Boston was a clone trooper from star wars. Bridger decided at the last minute he would dress up and I'm not sure what he is. Brielle is Jessie and Bulls eye from Toy Story.

 Early in the night Brielle found Woody and they hit it right off. By the end of the night they were going door to door holding hands.
 Our neighbors invited the boys over for a donut. They had some fun trying to get them.

                                                  Then off we went door to door trick or treating
 We put are trailer on our truck with some hay bells and took a bunch off people from are ward around trick or treating it was a ton of fun.
 Then back home after a long night filling are buckets. Here are our Pumpkin's Bridger stacked a few and had a ton of fun making them.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a ton of fun at your house! love the pics of Bristol! Brielle makes a perfect jessie! cant' wait to see you all!

Aunt Holly

Spencer and Mindy said...

that is a ton of pumpkins! way to go bridger! and WAHOO baxter, your team rocks!! good luck in the playoffs! (do you play any here in st.g?)
what cute trick or treaters!! can't wait to see cute lil' bristol! (i think she looks super tiny in the pics!)

sandy said...

Love, Baxters game, pumkins, Brielle as Jessie, and Bristol in the bucket.