Monday, August 29, 2011

Time for school

The boy's headed back to school today. They were pretty excited. It was a pretty quiet day around here.

Boston started 4th grade
he was pretty excited to ride his bike the hole block to school.
 Bridger started 6th grade and enjoyed his first day at middle school. i can not believe he is that old already.
 Baxter started 8th grade, he is in a size 11 shoe now crazy how big he is getting.
 I put up two pictures of him because i can't believe how big he is looking.
 These two keep us busy today. Bristol is almost the size of Brielle. Brielle starts back to preschool on Thursday.
 Brielle is such a sweet big sister.


sandy said...

How big those boys are growing! especially Baxter. They look so handsome. Hope they liked school, and brielle and bristol are going to miss them lots.

Anonymous said...

My Kids need to stop

growing up .... life is to fast Jason