Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkins and Football

Thursday night for Pack meeting we went to a Pumpkin patch. It was fun and cold.
It's funny it has a electric fence around it. They told the kids to be careful or they would get shocked going under it. They kind of forgot to tell them they turned it off. But it was sure cute to see the kids be so careful going under it.

 Boston spotted his right away.

 Brielle found hers and was so excited. She made me take picture after picture of her.

 She was pretty happy

 and had to show everyone.
 Saturday Baxter had a game here in Logandale. They played Snow Canyon. It was not there best game. They seemed to fall apart the whole game. The final score Snow canyon 26 Pirates 6. The boys came off the Field with there faces dug into the ground. Like Baxter said you can't win them all.

A cute little smile from Bristol. She was happy here. In the night she got really sick and woke up with 103 fever. She has cried all day long. I keep her home from church while Jason took the other kids. I'm going to take her into the doctor tomorrow. I think she has another ear infection. I can see tubes in her near future. She has had like 5 ear infections in the last 2 months. But at least she was a happy two pigtail girl yesterday.

 Brielle enjoying the game.
 My baby is not looking so much like a baby anymore.
 A few shots from the game. I circled Baxter so you could tell were he was.

 Baxter hurt his neck real bad this week and has been in and out of the Ciraprator. His coach was trying to protect him yesterday and only let him play offence he usually play defence to. But better to get him healed up then to hurt him more.

 Jason worked yesterday and the other two boys stayed home with friends so it was just me and the two girls that enjoyed the game.


sandy said...

What a fun thing to pick pumpkins. Bristol is looking so grown up sure hope she is feeling better. And that Baxter is feeling better too.

The Stratton Family said...

Poor Bristol! I hope she gets feeling better! And poor Bax too! Cute pictures though!

Spencer and Mindy said...

poor lil' bristol. ear aches are the worst! hope she gets better fast. and Bax, hope he can get all healed too. love pumpkin patches! so fun! I lOVE the fall!!! yay!