Friday, October 21, 2011

Got Cake

Bristol had a great Birthday yesterday.

Warning picture overload ( of a baby eating cake)

I might of just made her cake a little to big, but hey you can only be one once

You might as well enjoy it and she did

 she had been eyeing the cake all day and was like i really get to finally touch it. Wow
 Just a little taste first
 mmmm not bad

 let see how messy i can get

 maybe if i pick it up I can get more in my mouth

 to bad this is all mine it sure is good

 I think that i might be getting a little full
 if I've learned anything by the 5th kid take there clothes off before they dig into the cake and only wear a bib. It took me until the 5th kid to figure this out and wow so much easier to clean up.

 OK I'm done please remove before I eat anymore and throw up.

 Bristol got a few new toys, and a few new clothes and shoes for her birthday. She was loving all the new toys. Her favorite thing of the whole day was when Jason went to the store and brought her back some Balloons. She had so much fun with the balloons. We took them outside when we did her cake and tied them on her high chair and the came lose and floated away. Brielle cried and cried the boys got there BB guns out and try to shoot them down but no luck. But she sure loved them while she had them.


Spencer and Mindy said...

love that balloons were the favorite! :) and my favorite pic is bristol trying to hold the whole cake and take a big ol bite (like she's eatin a slice of pizza) too cute! love you bristol, happy birthday!!

The Stratton Family said...

Happy Birthday Bristol! All the pics are way cute! Looks like she loved the cake! ;) Let us know when you want some visitors! We need to get these 1 year olds together to play!

Rachel Doyle said...

That is about the cutest 1 year old cake eating baby I have ever seen -- and I have three of my own!

sandy said...

What a cute cake!! Sure looked like she enjoyed it. Cute pictures too! And yes your smart for the bib and to go outside too.