Monday, October 17, 2011

This past weekend

We had a great weekend. It is always good when you have nothing to do at all. No games no nothing. Friday night we took the kids threw MC Donald's for dinner come home and had a little fire and made smores. It was so nice I did not even take any pictures. Saturday morning me and Bridger got up early and went yard sailing. We always have fun when we go. I think we were gone a hour and did not buy a thing. Then we got the kids ready and headed to the Car Show that was in town.

The kids had a blast between the fries, Snow cones, and the bounce house's

 Baxter and Brielle

 Then we came home and mixed up Sugar Cookies
 Then we put the dough away until Sunday after church. And we all got busy. Baxter and Brielle cut them all out.

 Bridger and Boston did what they do best ate them
 Flour was everywhere
 Bristol liked them to
 Jason frosted them all while me and Brielle decorated them
 We made a ton of cookies. One of our family favorite thing to do on holidays is make sugar cookies and take them around to neighbors. The kids snuck around the neighborhood leaving the cookies on doorsteps and then running. They had a great time last night.
 Saturday, I had a lot of time so I broke out my sewing machine and grabbed some material I already had and made the girls a few skirts. They were so easy and only took like 15 minutes a piece. If you what the free tutorial it is here.


sandy said...

What cute skirts!!! Great job. And yummy looking sugar cookies. Sounds like a real fun weekend.

Spencer and Mindy said...

ok stinkin cute skirts!!! totally gonna make some!! yay for free tutorials!!

and your kitchen has got to be THEE cutest kitchen ever! i'm loving the WHITE everything with yellow (lemon) and blue accents.. so flippin cute!!
and way fun cookies! makes me wanna make some :)

those weekends are the best!!

Anonymous said...

my wifey is the awsomest... jb