Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Days of our life's

Boston in this picture says it all. What were we thinking, way to many things going on and way to busy.

Our morning's around here begin with the lovely sounding alarm at 5:30 am every morning, a quick throw 3 lunch's together and by 6:05 we are headed to Jazz band. By 8:30 Boston is off to school and then it time to get the girl's ready and by 11:00 Brielle is off to school. Only to pick up at 1:00. And don't mind that Jazz band and Preschool is only 10 miles away one way. I feel like I live in the car these days. A quick dinner and homework and off to a few games a few practices a little ballet, scouts and Mutual. It seems every night I have 4 kids all going in a different place. I know these are the days of our life's right now and I'm trying to enjoy the craziness of it all.

 This past Saturday Boston had a game. He is so cute out there he is so tiny compared to the kids his age.
 He is loving Soccer
 Bridger also had a game this Saturday. He plays on a 6 to 8 grade team. They were short one player and the recruited Baxter right after he had just played his football game. Baxter loved it and made 3 goals for there team. He was also a great goal keeper.
 Bridger did great. he is a great little player and he won't tell you but he really enjoys Soccer.

 Baxter played her in Logandale on Saturday against another Cedar team. We killed them 30 to 0. They also played against Mesquite this week and they won again. His little team is doing great. baxter is number 60.
 They were so far ahead this past Saturday they changed Baxter's position and took Baxter off the line and let him run the ball. He made a first down he was so excited.

 the girls love going to all the games and just hanging around.
 I can not believe how many people come up to me and say I saw you here or there. I have no idea who half of these people are. They see our girls and I guess it makes us stand out a little. They always say we have seen those girls everywhere. I have had like 30 people come up to me lately and said we saw your family at Stake Conference. They want to no everything about the girls.  And about our family. It makes me embarrassed. I know people are just trying to be nice. But I guess sometimes I don't like to be noticed. Not saying that bad.
 Bristol is way content as long as she has food. I'm really having a hard time this week . I;m not ready for my baby to turn one in two weeks. It makes me sad. She is such a sweet little baby.


The Stratton Family said...

Well your girls ARE cute!! :) Hopefully we will make it to one of Bax's games this year! Are you doing a party for Bristol?

Spencer and Mindy said...

i'm with stef.. your girls are just too cute to NOT notice! :) i can't believe bristol will be ONE already!! WHAT?! crazy! and you guys are way crazy busy!! wish youcould make it out to lake powell, it would be fun to see you and all the kids! oh well, hopefully we can see you in DEC! :)

Unknown said...

Hang in there Heidi! Enjoy the time you have with them right now, before you know it you will have an empty house...sniff, sniff.

Anonymous said...

holly cow glad i am at work with all that going on.... KIDDING KIDDING good luck Thanks and I love ya babe you are amazing jason..

sandy said...

This is one of the busyest times of your life. The boys are doing great with there games. Boston is so cute out there. and yes those 2 little girls do stand out as they are so adorable. And yes the house is quite to soon.