Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Oh what a few weeks, Anyone else been sick. We have. I honestly hardly got out of bed for 3 weeks. And never even left the house at all for a week. Kind of hard when you have 5 kids.And you are the RS President. finally we are on the mend.and the kids all went back to school today after a week. Hopefully we are good for awhile now.

Last night Brielle had a pretty big night. Our town put on a 2012 Community Dance Invitational. It was a fund raiser for the high school drill team. All the dance teams in town participated. Brielle's cheer group and Ballet group both performed.

Brielle so cute and love cheer loves it. She was so excited to finally get to wear her cheer uniform.
 She is all personality
 The first group that danced were the Debonettes they were the old drill team from the school. They were so cute to watch.
 Brielle little cheer group did such a great job. Brielle says latter to me . Mom Wow did you see all the people out there watching us I was so scared.

 A super fast change in clothes and she barley made it on stage to perform with her ballet group. I love her ballet group. I put her in with a new teacher this year and have been loving her. So has Brielle. She is the youngest in the group. They don't take kids until they are 5 but the let brielle in at 4. She is doing a really good job.
 She had such a fun night. Tonight she is performing at the high school half time. She is so excited.


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh this makes me wanna get sophee in something similar soooo bad!! what a cute cheerleader/ballerina Brielle makes!! *sorry you've all been so sick, hopefully now you can start feeling better!

sandy said...

What a great opportunity for her. Shes looks so cute and like a little ballerina.