Friday, February 10, 2012

Sunny Days

It has been so nice lately. Our Temperature has been in the 70's. We have been spending a lot of time out side.
Our little chicks are sure growing. The kids love chasing them around the back yard.

Brielle and Bristol have a love hate relationship. They are either best friends playing or the are tearing each other apart.
 Here they are playing nicely together.
 Bristol helped Boston round up the chickens.
 Bristol is sure growing. She is 15 months. She is so busy. She climbs on everything. She is either on the table, piano, in the kitchen sink, or somewhere she is not suppose to be at all times. She has been my busiest baby ever. She is quiet the little talker. She can say about 30 words now. Her favorite is word is Brielle and Hello. She can say all the kids names really good. She call's me Mom and was calling Jason, Dad But know she calls him Jase. It pretty funny he will walk in the room and she says Hi Jase. She will stand up in her crib and yell ever ones names until they come. She is pretty funny.
 Back to Brielle and Bristol's love hate relationship. I think the picture's say it all.

I guess it is nap time. Lucky for me, Not so lucky for them.


Anonymous said...

good to see you having so much fun while im at work

Spencer and Mindy said...

that last pic is HILARIOUS!! haa haa.. hope she was ok. :) logan and bristol should go climbing together sometime! ;) haa haa

sandy said...

Love the chicks, watch out Brielle, Bristol is catching up. Fun they can be good friends.