Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's fun

We had a pretty good Valentine's Day. Jason had to work but I did wake up to these. We were going to go out last night but we both have bad colds and decided it would be more fun when we both felt good.

 Yesterday the kids got there Valentines ready.
 Brielle still in her Gymnastics clothes.
 We made cookies
 We frosted them and put the names on them from the kids classes. A tradition we always do.

 We enjoyed the rain and the Rainbow.
 Bristol enjoyed the cookies and juice.
 Today both Boston and Brielle had parties in there class rooms. They had a great time.

 I braided Brielle hair in a heart.
 Bristol got a small heart on the top of her head it looked really cute but I could not get her slow down long enough to get a good picture.
 Brielle enjoyed all her goodies after school.
 Tonight we got Chinese take out and the kids have been running to the door every minute trying to catch all the Valentine Knockers. So far the have only caught Brielle's friends. The boys friends are to fast, I never got any pictures of the two older boys they are to cool for valentines. Well of to give this little girl a second bath for the day.


Anonymous said...

i so need to be home more... dad

sandy said...

cute skirts, kids, yummy cookies. glad you got spoiled and the kids had lots of fun.

Hopie said...

So cute!!!

The Stratton Family said...

Fun! Love the girl's hair!

Spencer and Mindy said...

so fun! you are such a cute mom! love the braided hearts.. how did you learn to do that?! and i can't believe you do cookies for all the kids whole classes with their names on them...that's so awesome.. seriously heidi, your an Inspiration! i wanna be a mom like YOU!