Saturday, December 19, 2009

Busy week

Wednesday night Jason and I headed up to St. George for the Forgotten Carols. We took the Young Women and Men from our ward. It was such a great show.
Then on Thursday night we headed in to Vegas to the Temple with our ward for Baptism's for the dead.

Saturday we had a very special visitor to our house. Brielle was in love.

We were hoping Santa would have a stow away at least until Christmas, But he got away with out her.

Just keeping busy busy busy until Christmas, We are Enjoying all the Christmas lights and all the good food people keep bringing us. Just hoping our pants will still fit next week.


Jon & Bridget said...

dang... JT loves Santa as long as he is about 10 feet away! :) Cute pictures. We went to the Forgotten Carols on Thursday... it was amazing! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. See you soon I am sure. :)

sandy said...

what a cute santa and of course cute Brielle. You can just tell she love santa

Cluff Family said...

LUCKY! YOU GOT TO SEE SANTA!!! We are going to skype with him tonight :) Cutsie pictures for sure!