Thursday, December 31, 2009

A look back at 2009

Jan Brielle so sick and 100s of blood tests on the poor little thing

A day at the lake feeding the fish.

Jason turns 36

Feb Jason teaches brielle how to reload bullets

Our church burns down

March Bridger turns 9 and begins Geo cashing

Jason has his first back surgery

April Bridger makes it big at the fair

Geo cashing with the Elders

Boston try's his best at Mutton bustin

May Baxter's team takes the pendent

Brielle turns Two

June Baxter has his first boy girl party

Baxter gets chosen to read his dare essay and graduates elementary


Aug Baxter plays his first tackle football game

Boston turns 7

Sept Happy 14 years

Heidi turns 33

Oct Bostons gets 4 teeth pulled

Jason has his 2ND surgery

Nov Veterans day parade

Boston gets stitches

Dec Baxter breaks his knee

Our Family Was taught the true meaning of Christmas

Happy New Year to all. Can't wait to see what 2010 brings


Spencer and Mindy said...

what a fun way to 'flash' back the last year! (i just might copy you)
brielle looks so sad in that first pic...i forgot she had to have all that done! :(

Hopie said...

That was GREAT!!!! Good one!!!

Kevin said...

Awesome, I made your blog for the year in review! It was a ton of fun geocaching with you guys and its awesome being able to read the news of what is happening with you guys. I am going to be coming down in mid February so I will have to email you guys when I know more details and see if we can meet up while I'm down in the valley!