Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Christmas Party

The day started out with a fever for Boston. We sat and debated do we go or do we stay. So after sacrament we headed to Utah. As to our surprise on our way home Brielle came down with a fever. Took them both to the doctor this morning to find out they both have strep throat. Sorry family I hope we did not get everyone sick.
Sunday we headed up to Utah for my Family's Christmas party. We had a ton of fun.

Brielle enjoying her pumpkin pie.

Root beer Chug time.

Brielle with my cute Grandma Stratton. Brielle loved her little pin that was a bell.

Bridger taking after his Dad.

Santa was there, and Brielle ran to him with excitement.

Baxter thinking that he was going to break Santa lap. Santa was a little worried to.

Cute picture of Jason and Brielle

Brielle finally found a present that was OK to open.

And as for me, Can you say way to full after a good dinner. I'm having this major eating problem this Christmas. We have had so many nice people bring in such good treats to our door. And I a course have to try them all. Just like last night I had this huge piece of Pumpkin pie a Christmas time staple that should always be in your fridge. Then a knock at the door with this huge plate of goodies. The boys handed it to me while I was sitting there talking to Jason. Before I noticed Jason looked up at me and said you just ate that whole plate of goodies. Yes I'm having a little problem. At least Jason supports me 100% and enjoying them as much as me.


Anonymous said...


sandy said...

could that be 1 pumpkin pie a piece?

Tiffany said...

Im glad the cadence the diva is in all of the pics. Brielle has some competition now.

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh way fun! and i'm with you, i can't stop the goodies from going into my mouth!! they are so good!!

Sara :) said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun. The holidays are for eating yummy treats!!!