Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some of her "PERFECT 1000"

Just a quick take over of the blog world here
for some of Heidi's Perfect 1000..

 in no peticular order...

1) Her Beautiful Smile and Sparkiling Eyes never leave our thoughts!

2) She possesses Heavenly patience with all she encounters especially our children!

3) The way she puts her feet on the dash of whatever she is riding in to get "comffy"
    (she says her feet dont reach the floor!)

4) She can Batt her eyes and get a FREE PUPPY!!

5) She Always makes our Home feel like Heaven on Earth!

6) Heidi makes the worlds BEST cookies, cakes, and sweets!

7) Heidi also makes the Worlds Greatest Lasagna!

8) A Warm HUG from Heidi will make all the Worlds problems melt away!!

9) She is the Most Wonderful Wife in the world !

10) Heidi is SUPERMOM, WONDER WOMAN and MRS. UNIVERSE all rolled into one Perfect Package!!!



Hopie said...

Awwwww...... cute!!!! I think we are all blessed to have her around!!!!

Spencer and Mindy said...

jason is becoming a softie!! ;)
but it is nice to hear him say nice/sweet things about his wife! we love you Heidi, and i do agree..your SUPERMOM!