Sunday, February 21, 2010

San Diego Temple

San Diego Day 4

It was a wet,windy and cold day today.
We found a church and went to the 9:00 sacrament. They were really nice. We talked to a few people from the ward. They were telling us that there were 100,000. people in there ward boundaries that were not lds. There ward was really small. We were just glad they spoke English after checking out a few others.
One thing we decided a while ago is if we were on vacation we would always find a ward and go to it. It really was a great experience. We also as a family started reading the Book Of Mormon in June and we only have about 40 pages left. We brought it along with us hoping to get close to finished with it.
Then we headed up to the temple. It is so pretty. We had the grounds to our self's probably because it was Sunday.

We have had a pretty relaxing day. We took a drive up the coast and did a lot of nothing. Tomorrow we head up to Anaheim and check into our hotel in Disneyland we can't wait.


Spencer and Mindy said...

the san diego temple is my most favorite temple! (i haven't been inside yet, it was closed when we went to san diego last october) what a great way to spend your vacation on a sunday! :) i can't wait to see disneyland pics!!!


sandy said...

What a beautiful temple I proud of you guys for the way you are raising your family. Have a great time at Disneyland!

Hopie said...

We went to the San Diego Temple 2 years ago and I will never forget how beautiful it is in person. Like a castle!!!!! Congrats on reading the BOM!!!! Good for you guys!!!