Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday Baxter

Happy birthday Baxter. We hope you have a wonderful Birthday. How can you not your at Disneyland. Thanks for being such a wonderful son, big brother, friend, grandson, cousin.


sandy said...

We love you Baxter and we hope you have a wonderful Birthday at disneyland. We will see you on Sunday! Can't believe you are 12 years old today your a very special loving Grandson and we love you!

The Stratton Family said...

happy birthday bax! have a good birthday in disneyland! ride some rides for me since uncle beau wont take me! :(

Anonymous said...

Baxter, Have a GREAT birthday.
Wow! you're 12 years old - no wonder you're growing and getting so tall. Have fun on your trip!
Love, Grandma & Grandpa B

Cluff Family said...

AND wonderful Nephew! Happy belated Birthday dude!