Friday, February 19, 2010

San Diego Day 2

This is how our day started. The boys were out early looking for seashells. I started feeding a duck. The next thing we looked out and we were invaded. I opened the door to throw some more food out to them and they came inside. Ducks with no fear.

We had a great day at Sea World today. It was great weather and not busy at all. A perfect day.

We had a blast feeding the dolphins.

Brielle went in this bear cave and a sound of a bear roared and she came flying out you can tell by her face how scared she was.

Boston was clear full of laughs at this show it was so cute. Especially that he is missing his 4 front teeth that he got pulled the day before we left.

All in All it was a great day. Highlights from today would have to be when Brielle ran right up and petted a flamingo and got in big trouble by the workers. The sweet little smiles of our kids enjoying every little thing.


Jackie said...

So Cute! I am jealous! I want to be in Cali too! I just have to say I love the picture of Boston giving the peace sign! Too Adorable!

Hopie said...

The kids look GREAT in their red!!!! Good times, I am so happy for you guys!!!!

sandy said...

you guys are so deserving of it I'm glad your having such a great time. Love the pictures!

Spencer and Mindy said...

awww so much fun!!! poor brielle she will forever be tramatized by a growling bear...haa haa
GREAT Pictures! glad you guys are having so much fun!!!