Monday, February 22, 2010


San Diego/Anaheim Day 5

We said goodbye to the beach and the wind.

We welcomed our new room at the Disney Grand.

We started the morning off in Disneyland.

Brielle is so fun. She just loves all the characters and gets so excited.

The first time Brielle saw mickey she scream so loud with excitement.

We did a lot of eating. It seams that we are really good at it this week. Where it is Baxter and Bridger's Birthday this week they get to wear these pins. They keep getting free desserts everywhere we go. I'm feeling a little bad for Boston for how much free stuff they keep getting. Then everyone thinks Brielle is just cute and gives her stuff to. Poor Boston

Last off tonight we watched the parade. The characters pulled Brielle out in the parade 3 different times. Its funny how much attention she gets. You would think the boys would hate it. But they mall her just as bad.

Jason and I are feeling exhausted. Our kids are running us ragged. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some energy with it.


Spencer and Mindy said...

well, brielle is Freakin cute! poor boston is going to suffer from 'middle' child syndrom...what ever that is... lol

Zitting Zoo said...

Looks like your all making up for missing last year- a trip of a lifetime! I hope your all enjoying every minute!

ps- could you look in the disney store for a princess dress for Ava? if you could find one for less than 20-would be great cant find one her size on e-bay 24 months-i will pay you when you get back-thanks!

sandy said...

Looks like a really fun day you had. I hope Boston and his mouth is ok he is so sweet and cute. thanks for posting.

Hopie said...

Butterflies in my tummy!!!

Spencer and Mindy said...

hey bakers! I know your are having a blast in Disneyland, but i hope you read this when you post your blogs at night!!!

just wanted to let you know we had our ultrasound today!!!! we are having a BOY!!!!! :D