Thursday, February 18, 2010

We made it

San Diego Day 1
Jason's attempt to get me in the picture to.
We had a great first day here in San Diego. After a 6 hour drive we arrived. The kids had a ton of energy to burn off. So we headed to Sea World.

Brielle petting the sting rays. She was the only one not afraid of them. The boys would not touch them.

This was a way fun ride. But not recommended. I seriously got so soaked every where.

Our hotel we are staying at is right on the beach. The kids are in heaven. We are having a blast.

A few fun photos from our trip so far. Tomorrow a full day at Sea World. I'm going to try to update each night. So I'm not so behind when I get home.


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh i'm so jealous!! looks like so mcuh fun! :D
what a great vacation!!

Zitting Zoo said...

looks like your having a blast! Enjoy every minute!!!!

sandy said...

look at the difference in the size of the kids. Love them!