Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feeling a little crafty

So I've been a little board lately. OK let me rephrase that. I have not been feeling like cleaning,blogging,cooking you name it. I've just needed something to keep my mind occupied. So here it is. I have been looking for a butterfly picture for brielle room for forever and no luck. So I was Blog stocking one day and saw that this girl had made one of these. I thought I can do that. I still think hers turned out way cuter then mine but i gave it a try.
I got my hole puncher out and away went two boys punching away. 600 glue dots latter here we go.

Brielle bow collection. I don't know why I keep making more and more, I guess just a fun hobby. And a course she need one for every out fit.


Cluff Family said...

SUPER CUTE stuff! I wish I was more crafty :) I should have snuck a few of her bows while I was there for my girls. At least Brielle will keep hers in her hair :)

Jackie said...

Brielle's room is adorable! I love all the bows! and she looked stinkin cute on Sunday! I love those skirts! So cute!