Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 9 and 10 officially

We had a great last day at Disneyland.

A kiss and hug goodbye to all Brielle new found friends.

Baxter was chosen to go up on stage with the high school musical. He was not impressed at all.

A big hug for the brother bear Brielle favorite. We had a great trip and can't wait to go again. It was a crazy ride home. It was raining so hard. We saw so many wrecks a long the way home. There were semi's that had drove off over passes in front of us. There were cars that had drove off cliffs. It was a crazy ride home and we are so thankful we made it home safe.


Cluff Family said...

Okay, you have the CUTEST pictures! Brielle looks like she had the time of her life! WHAT A CUTIE! Fun that Baxter got to go up on stage :) He totally looks all embarrassed! Glad you had a great trip and that you made it home safe! Scary ride home!! We miss you guys!

Spencer and Mindy said...

Love that bax was onstage with HSM! to funny!

way glad you made it home safe!

where's the pic of you and jason on the tower of terror??! :D you need to post that one too!! hee hee

sandy said...

Thanks for the great time yesterday we are so proud of Baxter. That was cool on the stage of high school musical. and yes still love the pictures of Brielle and the characters.