Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 1 and 2 We made it

Our day Started in route from logandale in to las vegas. We arrived into las Vegas around 400 am and dropped off our car at Jason's old Fire station on the strip. We tried to get a Taxi and it seemed to be impossible. So there stood Jason at 4 in the morning on the strip tyring to wave down a taxi in front of the fire station. His old crew came pulling in from a call. and said to there self's who is that stupid drunk guy in front of our station as that got closer they realised it was Jason. They were nice and gave us a lift. We arrived to the airport in style in the Fire truck.

Yea we are on the plane headed to Houston. A Little Ada vain in me and i was good to go.

We took a bus ride into Galveston and boared the ship.

Day 2 was a all day sea day. So we explored the ship and found some fun things to do.

We tried our hand in Bingo. I said to Jason why do I keep losing. And he nicely said Heidi how do you expect to win when your playing Bingo and it is Sunday. Yea I think he had a point.

Then it was formal night on the boat so we got dressed up and went for pictures. I was a little sad i went to curl my hair and my curling iron got broken on the plane some how.

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Hopie said...

Looks like lots of fun so far!!!