Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update in pictures

Our garden is off to a great start. And the best thing the most important thing the peas are doing the best. Anyone that know me well. Knows that I love peas. I use to sit in the garden for hours picking them and filling up my overalls full of them. I'm looking at them and thinking I did not plant enough.

The highly requested picture. At Disneyland we went on the tower of terror. I had never been on it. Jason talked me in to it. I hated it. You notice I'm holding my chest I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Not joking I screamed so hard everyone one on the ride were all laughing at me. You will never catch me on that ride again.

And just a picture from breakfast with Minnie I never got on here.

Monday night we made salt clay for family home evening and the kids had a ball making things.

Bridger never seems to amaze me with his creative side. He decide he is going to enter this in the fair.

We also had the Pine wood Derby. I did not get many pictures but here are a few.

Boston is still enjoying many missing teeth. You may wonder why the dentist has pulled 8 of them in the last few months. His mouth is just not big enough for his perm ant teeth to come in. So there trying to make room for the new ones.

And Brielle she wears me out. She is so busy. This morning she went room to room destroying everything in her path and adding on accessories as she went threw the house.

And as for Jason he is back to work for his 7Th shift today. He is doing OK. He is still real weak. His back has not really improved over the last few months. It does make him a little nervous at work sometimes hoping that he can do a good job. We our praying that his back will get stronger but I guess time will tell. The Clark county Fire department has had a few guys that have been up to no good lately and it has been highly published. Its been really sad for the department the other day they pulled a bunch of people from a burning home and saved them and it did not even make the news. it sad that the media can only look at what one guy has done and not all the others putting there life on the line saving others. We our in the middle of taking our fire plates off our cars because the Fire guys have become under attack in Las Vegas. And did I mention that while we where on vacation some one hit our truck that was parked clear up in our drive way and knocked the back light out of the truck. It's kinda of crazy.

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Spencer and Mindy said...

oh wow! i noticed that when we were there! how scary!! we keep praying for jas to get stronger, it will come!!! poor boston with all those missing teeth!! way cute pic though!

and i totally remember you out in dad's garden eating all the pea's and stuffing your pockets full on your overalls!! haa haa! i think mom has a pic of it someplace.
Your Garden Looks GREAT!!