Friday, March 12, 2010

Note to my Husband

Just to let you know that the dishes,Laundry,housework has not been done when you get home today. But our family Scrapbook is fully done from our Vacation.

OK note to everyone else. I found these really cool scrapbooks called Share and Tell. They where so easy to put together. It has been years since I have scraped booked. I got so tired of taking a hour just to do one page. This was so easy and I did 1,000. photos in one day. This is my new way for sure.

I blew up some of my favorite photos to 8x10, and put them in the middle of the pages they went with, and just added journaling cards.

It was so easy and it made scrap booking so fun again.

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Anonymous said...

But, Did you have a wonderful day? A Beautiful Woman as your self should not be doing house work on such a pretty day any way. Love ya . see you in a few Jason.